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Accessibility Services

With over 50+ years combined experience in the high tech and publishing sectors, our dedicated team has specialized expertise in PDF remediation and video captioning. If the thought of training your own staff and implementing compliance standards seems overwhelming, rest assured. Our network of experts is there to quickly and effectively deliver results. Guaranteed.

Our Guarantee of Accessibility

Ensuring that PDFs are accessible to a wide variety of disabled users means, enabling assistive technologies such as screen readers or Braille devices. Before your web-based PDFs are certified as accessible, they must be tagged, checked and validated according to Section 508 regulations under the category, § 1194.22 Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications.

We guarantee that our document certification service will not only meet the "letter of the law" regarding section 508 regulations, but will exceed those requirements by making your documents highly accessible as in the "spirit of the law". Following is a list of our best practice solutions applied to compliant PDFs:

LETTER OF THE LAW - Section 508

  • Provide alternate text for every content graphic image included in the PDF.
  • Resolve low contrast and color-as-content situations.
  • Add links as required.
  • Tag row and column headers for data tables.
  • In complex data tables, explicitly associate data cells with the appropriate headers.
  • For PDFs containing JavaScript, information provided by the script will be identified with functional text that can be read by assistive technology.
  • PDF forms will be tab-ordered correctly, all fields will be properly labeled and field-values will be made explicit in terms of their meaning.

SPIRIT OF THE LAW – Our solutions above and beyond Section 508

  • Correct semantic markup using proper heading and list tags for effective navigation of complex or longer documents.
  • Tag footnotes and endnotes in line with the text.
  • Ensure logical reading order of tag structure.
  • Mark artifacts such as repetitive elements and cosmetic graphics (e.g., rule-lines).
  • Add bookmarks and links to provide navigation features that disabled users can use.
  • Set language property and ensure metadata is correct.
  • Test results with a screen reader other than Adobe's Read Out Loud function.

Ensuring web-based videos (streaming media or online presentations) are accessible, means including captions that provide an equal experience for disabled users. To be compliant with Section 508 regulations under the category, §1194.24 Video and Multimedia Products, your Internet video should give disabled users the ability to follow dialog and action, as it occurs, in a multimedia file. We guarantee that our highly experienced video captioning service will use the following best practice solutions:

  • Create transcript when none is provided.
  • Provide descriptors of sounds that have an impact on message or meaning.
  • Synchronize the timing of captions in all videos with audio.
  • In videos without audio, a detailed text description will be provided.
  • Ensure that closed captions may be turned on and off.
  • Output a caption data file compatible with your desired Internet video format.
  • Transcoding services are available.

We recognize that each of our customer’s needs is different. Therefore, each document or video processed will be independently quoted.
To get started, email a few representative files to Within 24 hours, we'll respond with a comprehensive quotation or consultation.

Hands on mouse and laptop